First Math Quiz

So there were only 6 questions in the quiz and of course, it had to feature fractional expressions – which by the way, confuse the heck out of me as I can’t seem to get the negative signs right and I keep making dumb careless mistakes.

When I saw the first two questions, I wanted to say, “Yep. I’m screwed” and walk out of class. After the initial thought, I also wanted to laugh hysterically because I really just had no idea where to even begin to tackle the question. So I started by rewriting the problem. Still no go. Then I decided to go to Question 3 which thankfully was a question on rewriting a number in scientific notation – which thankfully I knew how to do. Then I jumped down to Question 5 which was a factorization question and did that instead. I don’t know whether the answer is correct or not but I at least tried right?

I then did Question 6 which was another simplification/factorization question. Don’t know if I got the answer right either but I tried as best as I can remember because I knew we would get points for the work.

The Professor was also kind enough to add 3 extra credit questions. One was a factorization question, the other was “Rewrite |2-x| if x>2”. I don’t know why but I can’t wrap my head around absolute numbers either. So I wrote the answer as “2-x”. Not sure if that’s supposed to be 2-x or if it’s supposed to be x-2. Maybe it’s the latter since if x is supposed to be more than 2… I dunno.

Then came the last question which was “How did we start using hand shaking as a form of greeting?”. It made me laugh inwardly. My Professor has a sense of humor and is kind enough to put a question like that for someone like me who will probably not even get a single point in the quiz.

He then announced in class that if we didn’t know the answer to the last question, we could write “I don’t know”. I wrote something to the effect of, “I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because in the past we had swords and by shaking hands, we can show that we are non threatening as we wouldn’t be holding a sword/weapon”. Maybe it’ll give him a nice chuckle. It was merely a guess on my part but when I got home, I Googled the answer and found out that I wasn’t really that far off as the popular belief as to why we shake hands is as I stated.

Anyway, after the quiz, I felt really down because I have a bad feeling that the rest of this semester is going to be a huge struggle for me. And I have a bad feeling that I’ll have to redo this course next semester before I can move on. My husband had insisted that I do a class below this but I was adamant in giving it a shot. Now it is probably too late for me to drop the class (as I’ll forever have the “Withdrawn” status in my final transcript).

I heard some kids say to each other as they walked out of the class, “Man, the quiz was so easy!”. I wish I could say the same but the last time I studied Algebra was 10 years ago and it was in a different language! All I do all day besides spend an hour watching a TV show with the hubster when I get home is do math practice. That’s ALL I do, seriously. And I’m STILL struggling so hard. I’m using Khan Academy to cover the basics, I’m doing ALL the homework the Professor gives us, looking up answers on various sites, reading the textbooks and doing practices on those and I’m also reading all kinds of Algebra books on Scribd. And I’m still struggling. I’m going to visit my school’s Math Assistance Center and if I’m still struggling then, I really at my wits’ end.

Like I said before, I’ve never wanted something so bad as wanting a good grade in Math and I’ve never worked so hard in my life. Maybe it’s just the shock of doing the first quiz but I really really feel beaten down right now.


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