More Still Life and First Interior Drawing

First Interior Drawing

This is my first ever drawing of an interior space for “Drawing for Interior Design”. The homework was to pick a room in the house and draw a one-point perspective drawing to the best of our ability. It must include 3 walls and everything else that can be captured in the room.

I can’t believe I drew this. I know I totally butchered the chair because I couldn’t get the legs right and I got the rug on the right a little off but I’m actually really happy with my first try!

And I am super stoked that I’m only going to get better because this is my drawing before any instructions from the teacher. I can’t wait to see how much I’ll learn in this class. It’s only been 4 classes but I feel like I’ve improved tremendously!

Here are the other three drawings I did today in class – we continued to practice more still life drawing.

20150122_120042The objects I based my drawing on.

20150122_122207 copyThe first drawing was only a line drawing with focus on proportions.

20150122_133432 copy

The second drawing was line, proportions and shading.

20150122_141910 copy

And the third was only shading with no lines.


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