Monday! Whoo!

I want to write poignant and moving posts on this blog, believe me. I do. I just don’t have time (or even energy) to do that sometimes and when weekends come along, I am stuck at work for mostly all of the day since I usually work doubles to make up for the fact that I can’t work during the week. So in the end, I’ve been posting photos mostly of work I’ve done.

I’m not sure if it’s supposed to impress anyone but this blog is a chronicle of my journey, much like a diary, for myself so if anything, the stuff I post here are for me as a means of record keeping. I guess everyone else who finds fancy in the blog is just an awesome plus for me!


Today has been pretty interesting. I found that my understanding of equations (especially linear equations) in “Algebra and Trigonometry 1” far exceeds my understanding of the more basic things like exponents and radicals, and fractional expressions. I find it ironic. I mean, you’d think someone should be good in the basics before being good in the more advanced stuff right? I find my brain to be an enigma a lot of the times by processing things I never thought it could and not processing things it should… I’m slowly getting the hang of working with numbers and I really hope I can pick up the pace quicker. I know I’m still behind.

This evening, I also did my very first architectural lettering exercise and learned how to use an architect’s scale. Nothing major but still, very exciting for me. You never forget your first time, as the saying goes, right?

I’m chuffed to know that my Professor thinks that I did a good job for a first time. Yes, I’m the kid who’s always excited when the teacher commends them or tries to be the one who gives the answers. Embarrassingly, I’m like Hermione Granger – except I’m not nearly as smart.


I need to not make my letters so narrow the next time I work on this but I hate guidelines. Guidelines are supposed to help students with their writing but for me, they just hinder me and I end up making letters narrower and smaller than they ought to be because I somehow need to confine their shape and size to the lines.

Anyway, Mondays are usually blue days for me but I think for me, Mondays are really exciting because it means I don’t have to be at work and it means I get to do fun Interior Design related things! Whee! No Monday Blues, it’s Monday! Whoo!


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