Second Math Quiz

I absolutely hate the relentless pace of my “Algebra and Trigonometry 1” class. I just had my first Math Quiz last week and it’s already time for the second one today! We’ve covered an entire chapter and 2 sections of Chapter 2 in 3 weeks.

I’m exhausted from all the math practices I’ve been doing – and I’m not even done yet! I’m actually falling behind on practices and I’m two sections behind. With 30 complicated questions per section, I still have another 60 to do – to top that off, I get new ones every Monday and Wednesday. Whew… Next Monday is also our first Test which will cover all of Chapter 1 and 2 sections of Chapter 2! I’m feeling overwhelmed  just thinking about it!

Anyway, as I mentioned, I had my second Quiz today. I’m happy to say that I didn’t immediately feel like crying when I saw it and for the first time in my life, actually started tackling the questions as I got the paper, instead of staring at it blankly. I don’t think I correctly answered all the questions (I know for a fact that I had mucked up the “Solve the equation” question because I had suddenly gotten an x^2 in the answer when there shouldn’t be one in a solving question. So I just quit working it as I couldn’t find the answer and wrote “I’m missing something” next to the end of my work. Hopefully, it’ll amuse the Professor enough to give me some consideration (ha!).

Also, I got the results of my last Quiz and I actually got 12/20! I’ve never been able to get anything more than 2 points in the past, so this is definitely an improvement!


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