Of Friendship

You can really tell who your friends are by who responds when you’re in need.

“I need help with…” is a sure-fire way for one to lose their friends. People with a large Facebook friends’ list need to do this from time to time to weed out the real friends and the friends who are just hanging around in case they can profit off you somehow (or the ones who are hanging around just so that they can gather information about you and then gossip about you).

What’s worse, if you desperately need money, the people you thought were friends will disappear without a trace! The same people will also forget of all the times that you have helped them or supported them financially. They’ll tell you that they made it through all by themselves and that you had no part in it even if you have proof that you had wired money into their funds.

When you need help, suddenly people no longer care about you and instead see you as a bane of their lives. Even if all you are really asking for is a donation of $5 per person. They can spend lots of money on Starbucks, getting new tattoos, buying new gadgets, shopping and getting new makeup but God-forbid that they should donate $5 to you.

They’ll tell you that they need the money to feed their own family and that what you are doing is frivolous compared to their serious need to buy new things and get new tattoos or support a massive corporation that sells coffee. That $5 is just too much.

They’ll also ask you what you have ever done for them. They’ll forget that you were there for them through their suffering. They’ll forget the times that you’ve visited them when they were sick or down. They’ll forget the donations you’ve made for them or the food you’ve bought them. They’ll forget the genuine friendship you offered them.

I often get screwed over by people I thought were my friends. Time and again throughout my life, all the people I thought were my friends abandon me at my most desperate time of need and I find out that they really were just around because they want to make a mockery of me or because they thought it was entertaining to talk about me with others. I’ve made so many mistakes like that and yet I keep making them. You’d think that at almost-30, I’d have learned by now right?

Well, guess I haven’t because right now, I find that a majority of the people I know are just so-called “friends”. So, I’ve decided to downsize my Facebook friends’ list again and have deleted a bunch of people who don’t belong there. After all, you want only friends in your friends’ list, right?


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