A Tale of Two A’s


I can’t believe it…. I actually got an A for my first Algebra test. An A… I couldn’t quit smiling after I saw it.

My very first A!!! For the first time in my life, I got an A for a higher math test! I was very happy and relieved. I don’t know what I expected to get for the test – I mean I worked really hard on the revisions – but certainly not an A.

I just hope that I’ll continue to do well! *fingers crossed*


I also got my first assignment for “Intro to Interior Design” back, in which I had to write a series of alphabets and phrases in architectural lettering. I got a 98%!! I’m over the moon!!

People might think I’m a nerd but I’m super stoked. I was an over achiever when I went to college 10 years ago. I guess I still am an overachiever!

I just hope I don’t lose steam and keep getting better!


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