Complicated Still Life and a Rant about Imperials

So we did another still life today at “Drawing for Interior Design” featuring far more complicated still life objects.

imageThe drawing before I shaded it.

imageThe drawing after I shaded it in with some grey Prismacolor markers.

I also did a perspective drawing but unfortunately, since I didn’t take a photo of it before I put it away, now I don’t feel like getting it out of the portfolio just for a picture.

Anyway… I think my drawing has improved since the first time I came to class so I’m pretty ecstatic about that!

On a completely unrelated note, I really hate how in America, we use the Imperial system instead of the Metric system which makes way more sense. I had an AutoCAD test today and I spent a good 5 minutes out of the hour just trying to figure out fractions of a foot and trying to figure out what 3″ minus 1-3/4″ plus 1/2″ is! Had it been metric, I’d have converters millimeters to centimeters and vice versa instantly! I dunno, the Imperial System just seems a tad archaic and nonsensical to me…


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