A Matter of Attitude

An older student and I were chatting earlier as we were drawing our 2-point perspective drawing about our classmates in general and how some students just really don’t seem to care about school.

We both have observed similar things in the younger students, typically the ones who have entered college straight after graduating high school. Now though not true for everyone, we have both noticed that the younger students seem less motivated and driven towards a great grade and would rather goof off in class or arrive late. We have also noticed how most of them would not interact in class, make eye contact or even speak casually to someone they don’t already know.

I understand that some people are just introverted and prefer to keep to themselves – heck, I’m introverted and prefer to keep to myself – however, if you don’t learn to speak to others during college, when will you? How will that affect your career when you’re non-communicative?

I also noticed that the people who do interact in class are mostly the older students (aka, the “non-traditional” students), myself included. We often ask questions and offer answers or opinion when prompted. We’re also often the earliest to class.

A friend of mine calls me a “nerd” for doing all the things I’ve mentioned above but it seems then that all of the older students I’m friends with are “nerds” too because they are highly motivated and what I’d describe as “good” students.

I guess one of the main reasons for that is that not only do we have more life experiences under our belts (thus accounting for our better communication and social skills) but we are also driven by the fact that we don’t have parents to fall back on to give us money or financial backers to get us through college. We’re literally amassing huge amounts of debt as we go through school and if we don’t finish our program and get good grades, we’re screwed. In my case, due to my lack of financial resources, I only have ONE shot at this. I went to college 8 years ago and graduated with a degree that I can’t really utilize here in America, so if I don’t graduate as an Interior Designer 3-1/2 years from now, I’m doomed to be a server for the rest of my life.

In any case, this is all just my opinion based on my observations. I’m sure there are plenty of hardworking, punctual younger students out there. I just have met more that are not so.


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