Myriad of Interests

Giving some Parkour advice to people who are starting out really makes me thankful that I had done it and had gained so much new and valuable experience!

And yes, all the people who are just now becoming my friend, I did Parkour for a little bit. I was also a skateboarder and roller skater at some point, did Wing Chun for almost 2 years, cosplayed, was a fitness instructor for a little bit, an English as a Second Language teacher for some years, served at McDonald’s when I was in my teens, wrote some articles for a local newspaper when I was in college (first round of it), was a Firefighters’ Cadet, played softball and was a member of many different clubs in high school (including Chess Club, Philatelly Club and a myriad of sports clubs). I also currently do a lot of calligraphy and drawing. Yeah, I had a few interests…

I also realized that wading through Facebook photos and statuses at such a late hour (it’s 3.30am) is quite hazardous because it pulls up sometimes-unwanted memories of the past and gets me all teary-eyed and nostalgic. Things I don’t need when I should be sleeping instead…

Anyway, Spring Break has officially begun so I’m going to take it easy this week!


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