The Beginning of Spring

20150120_141858Since I have a pet chipmunk at home and I adore rodents, I really like watching the squirrels run around in the school yard. I usually stop for a few minutes to watch the squirrels gather food and play as I go to and from my Drawing class.

Spring has just begun and Spring Break has ended for me so it’s back to school. From here on out though, it’ll only be 6 more weeks until the end of my very first semester!

Time has flown and I’ve gained so many new experiences and met so many new people that I’m so grateful for this opportunity!

My progress in Algebra has grown tremendously and I went from someone who was extremely worried about my Math skill to being someone other students could come to to ask for tips on how to solve the problems! Who would’ve thought that a person with little Math aptitude like me could have improved and progressed this far? It just goes to show how anyone – regardless of prior experience and knowledge – can improve if they put their minds to it!

On a different note, I attended the “Student Design Show” on campus today and got to meet industry professionals as well as meet new students who are majoring in Interior Design. It’s been an eye-opening day as I’ve learned of the various sub-fields that I could go into as a certified Interior Designer. I’m definitely very interested in being an Interior Designer for entertainment facilities, commercial offices as well as being an Interior Design Educator (somehow, I don’t think I can escape teaching and it seems to be something I’m rather destined to do…).

I’m excited to know that job prospects are booming at this point in time and as long as the economy continues to improve, it’ll stay that way. I’m also excited that as the weeks go by, I’m starting to get a better understanding and feel of what it means to be an Interior Designer. I really can’t wait to graduate and start working on some real designs and impact the world in some way!


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