Thoughts on Adderall

I thought to myself the first hour of my taking Adderall how it actually feels to take this medication and now after 5 hours, I’m starting to think that if I write my thoughts and experience down, it might be useful for others who are searching for opinions from others about their own experience. So here goes…

As some of you who read my blog know, I was diagnosed with ADHD a couple of months ago. A couple of weeks ago, I met with a psychiatrist to get medication for my disorder and I was prescribed Adderall XR at 20mg daily.

Here I’ll share my experience with the drug as a first-time user.

1st Hour:

I didn’t notice anything unusual or different about myself.

2nd Hour:

I experienced a very strange sensation. It’s hard to explain but the closest I can is I feel like my brain is disconnected from my body. They’re both still there but they seem to be working out of sync with each other. My vision seemed a little off as well, like I can’t quite focus my vision on things. It felt like wearing a pair of glasses that are too strong for me. My brain was sleepy and alert at the same time. My fingers and toes were ice cold. I was extremely thirsty and hungry but at the same time, I had no appetite to eat. My heart rate climbed and my breathing was almost labored. As I also suffer from depression, this is the first time in a long time that I was in a somewhat decent mood. One major thing I noticed was how much chattier I was – I was very keen on starting conversations and keeping them even though the people I was engaging were keen to end the conversations. I got into a deep conversation with my step-father-in-law, something that almost never happens. It was quite a bizarre thing…

4th Hour:

My brain felt clear and focused. It felt alert and awake and things that I needed to do were all in the forefront of my mind. My heart beat and breathing slowed down and my fingers and toes weren’t as cold. Around this time, I started feeling jittery. Like the kind of feeling you get after you’ve exercised more intensely than you should’ve and haven’t had anything to eat. My muscles also felt like they’ve been working out for hours.

5-7th Hour:

I finished one task – it was a lengthy and focus-heavy task – and not only managed to finish but I wasn’t thinking of doing 10 other things while doing said task. It took about 3 hours to finish the task but I’m not sure if the drug is slowing me down or whether I was just being overly careful. There is definitely signs of hyperfocus here. Most of the physical symptoms have passed but I still felt extreme thirst and cotton mouth.

9th Hour:

I started losing focus on tasks and started to get distracted by everything like I usually do. I got on the computer to print something out but ended up scrolling through Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. It didn’t last as long as how I’d normally be like but it was definitely a loss of focus.


I could not sleep. I was up until at least 3.30am before I finally fell asleep. Try as I might, I wanted to keep chatting with my husband. At some point, he actually cut me off and said, “You do know that you’ve not stop talking right?”. I wanted to read, scroll through Tumblr more and do everything but sleep. I felt physically tired but my brain hadn’t caught up to that exhaustion yet. I took the drug at 12.00pm but I didn’t think it’d last that long…

The next day, I actually woke up at 7.30am without using my alarm – this was something that has never ever happened before.

Overall, I think Adderall has its benefits for an ADHD sufferer like me. It took a while for it to really work for me but when it did, it gave me the focus I needed to finish my work. It did leave me with the strange side effect of being extremely chatty though and of course, I hated the extreme thirst and loss of appetite. Since this is still the first couple of days of using this medication, I’m not sure I can conclusively say how I feel about it yet.

Perhaps in the future, I’ll post an update on this. On a side note, in the course of 9 hours, I actually wrote 14 medium-to-lengthy posts on Facebook and posted them within a couple of hours apart. For this day, I actually became that annoying friend who would constantly post about anything and everything.


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