Depression: Not what you might think

This is spot on and explains what I find so difficult to say.


Manypeople have an incorrect view of depression. It’s not a sad mopey state of being where you just need someone to cheer you up. Depression isn’t just having a bad day. It isn’t something that one day of fun can cure. Depressed people don’t spend their days crying in their rooms. No, people like this aren’t depressed, they’re just sad.

Depression is a continuous numbness. No emotion where you used to be sad. It’s not something that you just wake up with. Slowly, but surely, you start to have a hard time becoming excited. Everything begins to feel mundane. After a while, you aren’t even sad anymore. It begins to seem impossible to feel any emotion. Pretty soon you begin to long for any feeling at all. Happiness is unobtainable and so you try to feel anger or sadness. Neither of those exist for you any longer.

This is the…

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