Speech Day

So tomorrow is Speech Day for me for my second speech. It is an informative speech about a topic that has been an impact to me – hence it’s an “Impact Speech”. When I heard that I could choose any topic that has impacted me, I quickly settled on the topic of mental health.

I felt a great need to speak about that and I felt a great desire to do it too. That said, the process of writing the speech was not easy. I went through some anxiety attacks as I researched mental health and mental illnesses before I realized that I was choosing a topic that was going to be too wide for a 5-7 minute speech. So then I decided to settle with the topic of “depression” which is the most major thing I’m struggling through at the moment. (I seriously think I must be going through a depressive episode as I’ve been feeling so bad for the past 4-5 weeks now which prompted me to start cutting).

I hope that once I give the speech, that I’ll be able to download the video of me speaking (the instructor records everyone’s speeches). Maybe I could link that here (even though I had wanted to remain semi-anonymous).

Anyway, I hope I meet all the parameters of the speech and don’t go over time. I also hope I don’t say too many “um” and filler words. I’m really bad at that.


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