Adult Coloring Books

So I read an article earlier that says that psychologists claim that adult coloring books can be better than meditation. That coloring in these adult coloring books can help someone with anxiety and depression tremendously.

I’m intrigued. I’ve never really enjoyed coloring. My art has always been more grey, black and white values than color. Perhaps I just don’t understand color as much as I understand neutral values. But I don’t know if I’ll enjoy coloring in an adult coloring book because I’m a destination, not the journey, kind of person. I’m afraid I might be too caught up with the end product rather than the actual act of coloring that’s supposed to be calming…

What do you guys think? Has anyone here who have anxiety or depression ever try these adult coloring books? Is it effective?

I’m tempted to try them out but I don’t want to buy something unnecessarily if it’s not going to be helpful… Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!


8 thoughts on “Adult Coloring Books

  1. Lol forget adult coloring books, I’m 31 and I still color in kids coloring books! lol and it really is relaxing so I would have to agree there is definitely something to coloring…especially if you’re not really into winging your art freehand, i love that the picture is already there and all I have to do is choose my favorite colors…it’s like reliving your childhood in a way except this time you can actually color inside the lines lol 🙂

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    1. Ahh… I see… I wonder if I didn’t enjoy it as a child because of a skewed view of perfectionism which still make me really rigid and uptight now as an adult. Perhaps, I need to get one, let go of my inhibitions and silence the internal critic and enjoy the process. I’m definitely intrigued. I have 4 hours of break tomorrow between classes so I think I’ll walk on over to the campus bookstore and buy one. I saw it in the bookstore last week.

      Btw, do you know what fidget toys are? I’m wondering if I should get one of those too to help with the anxiety… I pick at my lip a lot and can’t stop until my lip is bleeding and raw. I think I do it unconsciously. So I need to figure out a way to keep my hands busy enough so that I’ll forget to pick at my lip.

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      1. I would buy the coloring book and for the first few pages just got nuts and color outside the lines…make it as messy as you want! lol and I don’t know what fidget toys are but I already want one and I will be googling it…although lord knows what will come up when I google “fidget toys” lol…I can relate to the lip picking….when i was a kid i used to pick my eyelashes…to the point I wasn’t going to have any left lol…i didn’t understand it at the time i was like 7 or 8…but that was around the time my parents split up…and well even before that all they did was fight so i guess it was a nervous habit?

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      2. According to my therapist, it is a nervous habit and I realize I do it when I’m stressed out or find myself with nothing to do… When you Google fidget toys, usually the first page that pops up is a therapy site… I’m looking for one that might be fun to have but hopefully will help my ADHD. I might even just get another Rubik’s cube.

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  2. Coloring was the main leisure activity when I was in inpatient care and it was very relaxing. It was often a group activity, a bunch of us sitting around a table and coloring pictures. I recommend it. Coloring mandalas/labyrinths is really great too.

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    1. Thanks! That’s helpful to know. I’m just cheap so I don’t want to spend unnecessarily. Haha… But also, I’m concerned that with my ADHD, that I’ll only color on it once or twice and then forget I even have it. Lol.


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