New Toy


So my new toy has arrived. I’m a huge fan of the Rubik’s Cube and I decided to get this mini one to see if it’ll help me with my anxiety and stress.

I figure since it’s a tactile puzzle and it requires some concentration, that it might help me whenever I’m starting to freak out. I also decided to get this mini one because I wanted something I could take with me easily. I already have the 3×3 one and have been playing with that for a while now but it’s a little too bulky to carry around.

I also want to try coloring in the adult coloring books (well, it doesn’t have to be adult coloring books…) to see if that’ll help me as well. At this point, I am willing to try anything to regulate my mood and be more mindful.

I’ll definitely update if there’s any progress to share. I’m excited to see if the Rubik’s Cube works and if it does, will definitely share so that others may be helped too.


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