Medication And Tea

So I’ve been battling a sinus infection since 10 days ago and it’s persistent. It refuses to go away. Well, I thought “Hey, maybe some tea will help…” seeing as tea contains a lot of healing properties.

I just realized that taking Ritalin and drinking caffeinated tea (in my case, I’m drinking green tea), is actually not a great idea. Somehow, the caffeine seems to negate the effects of the Ritalin and now my focus is all over the place.

I have 20 tabs open in my browser and two different assignments I’m working on at the same time while writing this post and listening to music. I’ve also started a dozen different conversation topics with my husband in the past 10 minutes alone. The last time I’ve been this way was when I wasn’t taking my medication.

It’s actually quite an interesting thing to me because I like to experience new sensations and new feelings, even if they’re negative. I know, I’m super weird that way.

In any case… This is a learning experience. I need decaf tea if I’m going to drink tea while taking medication.


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