Getting Through The Next Week

There are days when I leave therapy feeling like I can conquer the world now and feeling like I can go through the week just fine.

Unfortunately, today is not one of those days. I am feeling like I can’t go through this week.

It was a difficult therapy session today and I had gone over the allotted therapy time. I not only feel bad for doing that but also realized that our session had to be cut short. So we didn’t have a good conclusion, which happens from time to time. But this week, I feel like I can’t seem to handle it.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just dwelling too much. I wish I could tell my mind to just take a vacation from time to time. It’s like a freight train barreling down its tracks at 150mph with a million thoughts a second.

Anyway, fingers crossed that things will look up.

I will write more about anger and my fear of change later when I’m a little calmer.


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