On Guilt and Therapy

How many of you here always blame yourself for things and think of yourself as “crap” or “garbage”? Though I can’t speak for anyone but myself, I know I have talked myself down like that countless times and I still struggle with this problem.

In fact, this week in therapy, I went over time and I felt so guilty about it that I started feeling horrible about myself. I can’t shake the feeling that maybe my therapist is angry at me or that he is frustrated at me for taking up extra time – especially since he had another client after me. I had caused everyone an inconvenience and I feel horrible.

I feel like “crap”. I tried practicing self-compassion at the onset of these guilty and horrible feelings – though it helped me then, now I’m back to feeling guilty and bad. I can’t shake that feeling. I can’t shake the guilt.

Anyway… I came across this article/video and I’d encourage you to watch the video. Not only was it very well presented, it also contains an important message. I can’t say that I have overcome this acute feeling of guilt that I started feeling since yesterday (therapy day was yesterday) but the article and video sure does give some insight and perspective.

Resolving Guilt In Therapy


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