Artistic Doesn’t Mean Dumb

That moment when you tell someone whose major is Mathematics (or anyone in the STEM field for that matter) that you’re an Interior Design major and you get the “Ahh… So you suck at math” look. And the follow up question, “Well I think you probably won’t be able to handle Computer Science because it’s really difficult… I mean, you’re in Interior Design. You must be more artistic…”.

Yes. He said all that. I’m wearing my pi shirt today. Why would I wear a pi shirt if I’m not the least bit interested in math? I was also a science student for 5 years in high school.

My Pi Shirt

Besides, why does being artistic suddenly make you dumb in anything technical or sciencey??

I am both artistic AND technically inclined! Otherwise, how can I study a program that focuses on the technical aspect of design like drafting, lighting theory, architectural presentation, AutoCAD and the like?

The ignorance that people who are artistic can’t possibly be good at math needs to end.

Just like the stigma against mental illnesses and people who suffer from it! #IAmStigmaFree

That last bit there has nothing to do with my post today but I just attended “Shattering the Stigma” workshop in school today so I wanted to just mention that quickly.


3 thoughts on “Artistic Doesn’t Mean Dumb

  1. Ugh…yeah it bothers me…the pretentiousness that can come from the Math and Science sector. The truth is, you can’t have one without the other and you can be both artistic AND scientific. It’s kind of like the divide you see with science and religion…I cringe…there are different types of intelligence and all of it is needed in this world. Rock your PI shirt girl! 🙂 xo

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    1. I agree with you completely! Without art, life is boring. Without science and math, life is chaotic. We need both! People who argue for one or the other are ignorant.

      And aww thanks!

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