Questioning My Decision in Career Choice

Maybe I’m having a mid life crisis but I really am having huge conflicts about whether or not I’m doing the right choice in going into Interior Design Technology.

I mean I love this field. I love the technicalities of it and I love the creativity side of it. However, I sometimes wonder if I am cut out to be a designer. Yes, I can draw and I can draw pretty decently. But have me design something and suddenly, all my work is derivative.

Today, a classmate that I had math class with last semester talked to me about Computer Science and about programming and stuff like that. He talked about how much growth there is in this field and how interesting it it. I am pretty decent at computers and have wondered what it would be like to code. I don’t know if I have an aptitude for it but he’s put a little idea in my head and now it’s that nagging little voice asking me if I’m going down the right career path.

So, I’m torn between the current degree of Interior Design Tech to lead into Master’s of Architecture which is a really long journey since it’s another 3 years until the end of the Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design Technology and then another 3 years for the Master’s of Architecture. But I like how this field is also always in demand so long as buildings are being built. At the same time, it’s an arduous journey to become an architect as there are tons of other certifications that go into it once I’m done with the degrees and scholarly pursuits.

Another option then is to go for Master’s of Psychology as I’ve always been interested in this field but I would want to go into the therapy route which means I’d have to go into PsyD of Clinical Psychology. Another long arduous journey of course with countless hours of clinicals and training but it’ll be rewarding to help those with mental health issues.

Then there’s the Bachelors of Science in Mathematical Science where from there I could incorporate programming knowledge into maths and gain jobs that way. The downside of this is that it’ll probably be quite dry – I mean, let’s face it. It’s math… I like math enough now to want to consider doing it but I don’t know if I like it enough to want to be a mathematician.

Then of course, there’s Computer Science. My school offers a Dual Bachelor’s of Science and a Master’s of Science that I could pursue… I feel like computers is where the future is at with all the industries converging in that… And I think I’m pretty decent in computers. I just don’t know if I’m a programmer type…

So I don’t know. I’m just torn and want to do something that I not only enjoy but also something that can pay the bills. I know that if I put my mind to something that I can be successful at it – I mean, look at my nonexistent math skills in the beginning of my school career and compare it to my math skills now and that’s testament to my determination.

All that said though, I’m currently playing for school through financial aid. I don’t know if I can dilly dally and change my mind since I don’t know if I can have the funds to pay my way through college once the aid runs out. Sometimes I wish I had done more research and gone straight into a Master’s of Architecture since I already have a Bachelor’s degree. But I’ve made a choice and now I need to figure out whether or not to make another choice and switch.

I’m indecisive – a product of my ADHD – and my anxiety will drive me insane today with these niggling thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Questioning My Decision in Career Choice

  1. I experienced this a lot when I was an undergraduate as well, so I can sympathize. I think one of the difficulties is that when we are students, we don’t necessarily know what it would be like to have these jobs (and we don’t even really know all the jobs that are out there). Based on my confused experience in school, my subsequent work experience, and my more recent experience working with young people who are just starting new jobs, here’s what I would recommend: take a computer science course to see if you even like it. It’s a great field but you need to know whether it really appeals to you to spend hours and hours sitting at a computer to figure out the solution to some coding problem. Also, see if you can talk to people who actually have some of the professions you are considering. Many people will agree to have coffee with you and talk about what their daily life is like, the good and difficult things about their jobs, how hard/easy it is to find work, and what they might have done differently in their educational trajectory if they had only known (something that could really benefit you). Finally, if there is any way you can get an internship or two, that is a fantastic way to find out if you like the work or type of workplace. These are things you can do over the next few weeks (coffee meetings) and maybe six months (an internship) that could really help with the decision-making process. Best of luck to you from someone who took the circuitous route to finding work she really finds meaningful, Q.

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    1. Thanks so much for your advice!! I’m just glad that I’m figuring out that maybe I’m not really a designer in my second semester and not when I’m a Junior or Senior… I might look into some of the free MIT courses too and see if they have a computer science course available I could try out. Thanks again! I hope your therapy session works out well today too!


    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Jaimie! I’ve followed your blog and am interested to read more about your story! And yes, you’re right. It’s hard not to doubt yourself when others doubt you too, y’know.


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