Mind Boggling Trig Question

I was up until 4.30am trying to figure out ONE trig question…

Mind Boggling Trig Question
Mind Boggling Trig Question

I’ve never ever worked so hard on a math question in my life. The photo above is just one of the many solutions I’ve tried and I still couldn’t get it to work for some reason… I must be missing something.

I have an inkling that the solution is staring at me in the face. And I have this pressure on my chest to find it!

I think my interest in math is now bordering on obsessive. That’s all I want to do lately. Weird right?

Anyway, I’ve gotten a brilliant friend of mine to help and even she couldn’t figure it out after 40 minutes of trial. I’m now asking the capable tutors over at the Math Assistance Center for help and they are a little stumped at the moment so the girl who’s helping me is asking for the other tutors to help too…

I kinda want to try it again but I’ve spent 4 hours on it already. My brain hurts. Haha…

Sorry for this nerdy post. I know how much people hate math and I used to be one of those people too…


I’m happy to say that we’re not paying our Math Assistance Center fees for nothing because the tutors there have managed to combine their intellects and figure out my question! YES! And yes, it was staring me in the face and I had just missed it. Should’ve just gone to bed. Haha…


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