Setting A High Bar

I learned today while in the shower that I am only as weak as I set my bar to. If I raise my bar and strive to reach for it, then I’m only limited by how high that bar is. The reason I thought of that was because I was thinking about how I could’ve done MATH111 which is a lower level than MATH153 and had I done that, I would’ve still been convinced that I’m no good at math.

Then I thought about how I’m planning to switch my major and how I want to do something more challenging. I now know that I *can* do Interior Design if want to and I *can* do anything I put my mind to.

It was a great epiphany.

I have a feeling that I’m beginning to climb out of my depressive episode. It has been a hellish 8 weeks and I’m starting to see the light.

I’m at work now so I won’t be able to post anymore but I might expand on this later.


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