Overcoming Meltdowns

So that was a meltdown I had last night.

Whenever I’m in the midst of overwhelming negative odds, it’s easy to slip into a meltdown.

Fear and anxiety have ways to make someone lose all grip of reality and focus only on the negatives. It is also so much easier for a depressed person to develop multiple meltdowns, my experience has shown.

I’ve allowed fear and anxiety to rule my life this week. I feel powerless to stop it, which is the most unfortunate part. It’s one thing to know of a problem, it’s a whole other thing to know the solution.

With this in mind, I stumbled on an article today that may help me face my down days with better poise than a 10-month-old. I hope it’ll help and I hope that the next time a meltdown threatens to happen that I’ll remember this article I read. I also hope that it’ll help others as well.

Here it is:
Redirect Your Emotional Rollercoaster


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