Art Therapy – When I Let Go

I’ve been too serious and stressed out lately – as has been evident on this blog. So today, I let loose and decided to just paint. I was planning to do something else with this piece but this was what turned out.


I just let my mind do whatever it wanted and this was the piece I finished today as part of my Color Composition project. I’m actually really pleased with it. I think it looks almost like a cave painting.

It’s quite primitive in every sense of the word – not only in the content but also in the strokes I used as well as the state of mind I was in. It’s almost like my mind was in a child-like state when I produced this.

The whole time I was creating this, I kept giggling. My instructor looked over and said, “Jules, you sound like you’re having a lot of fun!” Yes, I was. It was probably the most fun I’ve had in a while now.

This piece definitely came from the emotive part of my brain and not the thinking one because I did not plan it out at all. I’m actually pretty proud of the piece!


2 thoughts on “Art Therapy – When I Let Go

    1. Josh, I’m happy to hear that!! It is quite a therapeutic exercise – so long as you don’t take it as a class in school, it’ll be fun and calming. I’ve realized that since starting to learn art theory, I’ve been extremely stressed out. I realized today that the reason is because my perspective on art has shifted from being a fun activity to being a “chore”. Anyway… I hope you’ll continue to enjoy painting! It’s one of the most fun things I’ve done! And thanks for your kind words!


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