Opinion Requested on Painting


Any thoughts on this piece? What do you guys think? Does it evoke any emotional response when you look at it?

I’ve been painting a lot today because I need to get 12 different pieces composed in about a week’s time so I’m trying to crank them out.

It’s supposed to be a self portrait piece in which I portray a depressed brain (i.e. Mine) where the blue, violet, purple and black permeates the wholeness of the mind. But then, the red shows up as a little courage in the face of it all. Red is also the color of blood and is also known as a symbol of life. So I wanted to show that despite the depression, that courage in the face of it all exists to fight for life. Also, the red spreads out because the courage is starting to spread out of the brain into other aspects of my life. The courage also begins where the thinking center of the brain is – meaning that I’ve made a conscious decision to fight the depression and live.

Hubster thinks that it’s macabre. I always look to him for comments about my pieces because he’s very creative and artistic so I trust his judgments on my pieces. He personally didn’t like this piece at all because he said it creeped him out. He especially didn’t care for the red because it looked too blood-like for his liking…

I’m wondering if people get any of it or if you guys just see it as a macabre piece as well.


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