Ah hi, Depression. I’ve been wondering if you were going to show up again this week. I mean, I’ve been having such a good week that I was beginning to be suspicious.

Well, there you are. You’re back, huh?

Maybe I should do what Q did here in this post: “All Right Anxiety, Let’s Talk” and have a little chat with my depression. It keeps coming back so there must be a reason.

6 thoughts on “Downer

  1. D is very tenacious, isn’t she? And in many ways such an incredible bore. I’d encourage you to try talking to her though. What do you have to lose? At most a bit of time. If you are lucky, she might have something insightful to share with you. Be kind to yourself – this can be so hard!

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    1. Q, yes, it’s exactly as you say…. The thing is, I can handle the pain it causes me but not so much the pain I cause others because of it.


      1. I do know about that, but I also know we sometimes worry about that to much. Just like it’s our job to take care of ourselves and our own feelings, it’s your friends’ and family members’ jobs to do the same for themselves. They can go to their own therapy and inform themselves and how much they can help you and how much they have to give you space to do your own healing. You don’t have to take on the responsibility of protecting them, on top of all the effort it takes just to get through the depression. Hugs, Q.

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      2. Thanks, Q. It’s hard to remember that sometimes. I’ve always had this protector kind of personality. Probably because I was not protected when I was growing up, I have this strong desire to protect others. I’m trying to work past this. I’ve told my therapist about it and we haven’t yet gotten to work on that…. But thanks. I really appreciate the encouragement!

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