Lessons From Painting

Painting is an exercise in letting go for me. It’s teaching me that it’s ok to let go and that when I let go, I just need to go with the flow and deal with the consequences as they come.

I was painting my “warm colors” composition when I went a little over zealous with the black paint and now my painting is turning out to not be what I want it to be.

However, I’ve learned from past painting experiences that it’s the works that didn’t turn out the way I want that will end up looking the best. I also realized that when I control my strokes too much, that the work turns out too serious and rigid. There seems to be less heart in my work when I control things.

I’m hoping that through these painting exercises that I can learn to apply similar principles in real life. I sure need to let go a little more and just enjoy what comes instead of gripping so hard to things I can’t control.

Perhaps I’ll have less panic attacks that way.


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