Tired of Speaking Out

I’ve been actively sharing my experiences and information on mental health on my Facebook page since I was diagnosed in April.

I’ve been very passionate to raise awareness and help make people understand that mental health is important.

There are some days when I feel too tired to share because no one ever responds or even acknowledges that they’ve noted what I’ve shared. So it makes me feel like I’m not heard. It’s tiring being a small voice in a large mass and feel unheard.

Today is one of those days. Today a little voice in my head says, “What’s the point, Jules? No one is even listening!”.

I know that voice is wrong because I have had one or two people reach out to me privately about what I’ve written. So that’s why I press on.

Today though, I’m just tired.


14 thoughts on “Tired of Speaking Out

  1. Keep doing it. One or two people is worth it. Your words plant a seed and those people will go on to influence others. Even if people don’t comment, it doesn’t mean that their thinking wasn’t influenced.

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    1. Alex, you’re quite right. I’m thinking that people probably don’t comment because they don’t want to be associated as that person who commented about mental illness. “Oh, people might think I’m the one who’s crazy” might be the thought behind it, me thinks. But thanks. I really appreciate it. I should do it for me and not for anyone else. And if someone else is benefitted, then awesome.

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  2. Don’t you dare quit on me Jules! lol (((hugs)))…I have found that quality over quantity is the way to go! Also, I have noticed that just because some of my posts won’t get much of a bite…doesn’t mean it won’t later on…sometimes it’s just a timing thing. I’ve had people comment on posts I wrote last year and forgot about lol I get how you feel though trust me I thought about deleting my blog on more than one occasion but then I will get like this one comment of discussion that reminds me why I started writing in the first place. Your writing is not in vain 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thanks Cavelle. It’s comments like these that keep me going strong. I know what you mean but sometimes, despite telling myself that I should write for my own sake, it’s hard not to feel let down when no one seems to be reading them. In any case, I’m always happy even if it helps only one person. It’s so hard to feel alone sometimes. It was because I read someone’s article that I finally got the help I needed because suddenly I didn’t feel so alone. And suddenly I felt like people understood my problem. Sometimes all it takes is something from our blogs to make a person step back from the ledge and decide not to jump that day. Since someone’s article saved me or at least helped, I want to do the for others too. Hence, why I’m also going to try and raise awareness on campus too.

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      1. Thank you! Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with a friend to see if I can start a club to help support non traditional students too. Being 30 and back in college can feel pretty lonely. So I want to start a club for non traditional students to help encourage others too.

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      2. But oh, I’ve also contacted a couple of mental health awareness groups on campus. One is “To Write Love On Her Arms” and another is “Stop the Stigma”. So I want to help.

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      3. Awesome! I’m sure you’ll do well 🙂 I mean look at how you rocked that coffee house 😀 You got this and I’m sure the awareness groups would really appreciate your help 🙂

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      4. You’re so encouraging, Cavelle. Thank you so much!! I’ll try my best. I want to help make a difference. And since I’m switching my major, I’ll technically still be an underclassman, which means I can still do this for the next 4 years.

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      5. Woohoo! You’re most welcome! You can help a lot of people in the span of 4 years 🙂 Definitely worth trying out! lol you’re going to end up being like a famous designer.therapist or something 😉

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      6. Lol! Well, it seems like I might be going the programmer route with a minor in interior design and math science. I don’t know. I’d really like to be a psych major but that is a very long journey to PhD or PsyD level so I thought maybe I could just do psych related things as an activism thing instead. I’d like to be a designer too but I figured I could be a programmer who understands design which will make my skills more valuable (or at least I think so). I’m going to take a computing class next semester. If things work out with that class and I find that I like computer science, then I’ll switch. If not, I’ll probably stay in the design industry… Time will tell. But thank you! I really really appreciate it!

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      7. Hehehe… I’m glad we even have a corner to be in together. 😉 What’s most interesting is how we pretty much are familiar with the same people who blog about mental health in our little corner, which is awesome!

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