How My Life’s Purpose Was Reinforced

After my walk-in session today with S (Why I Had To Go See the On-Call Psychologist… YET Again), I had an incredible day in terms of reinforcing my purpose here on Earth.

I had appreciated S’ question, “What is God’s purpose for you?”

It not only disrupted my negative thoughts, it also reminded me of the time that I had made an impact on someone just by sharing my story.

Well, it didn’t end there because later today, I met an ex-clasmate who is now a friend. He and I are forming a club for non-traditional students for support and enrichment. I had experienced what it’s like to be lonely, friendless and lost at my campus and I want to change that for others.

Later this evening, I bumped into another ex-classmate and told him about this initiative. I told him that I want this group to be a support for non-traditional students like us. He was so grateful and so excited because he revealed that he had been very discouraged and had wished for someone like me to come along and tell him that he’s doing well and should keep going. He was ecstatic because he felt like finally he’s found someone to relate to. He was also so happy that he said that he will make time to be in the committee should we require him to. I was so excited to hear that he would be on board with us too as I know how good of an attitude he had. He is a perfect fit for our group!

Later this evening, I attended the “To Write Love on Her Arms” meeting where we talked about stress and anxiety. At the end of the session, it was just me and this other lady left. I shared with the group what I had learned from the Resilience workshop that CAPS had run and shared with them the ABCs of Resilience. The lady told me that she needed to hear that so bad because she had been struggling. She said that she was thankful that I had shared it with the group and said that she hadn’t expected to come to the meeting to find answers to her problems.

I am amazed. I shared with her what has happened to me yesterday and today. I told her how hopeless I had felt this morning and how much I had wanted to die because I couldn’t see the point in living. Then I told her that S had asked me that question of what God’s purpose is for me. And I realize that it’s to keep talking to people and to share my story and experience. It’s to touch lives whenever I can.

What are the odds that I could have done these things for these people? I almost didn’t attend the meeting. I wouldn’t have met my ex-classmate any other time because I’m never at the building that I had bumped into him in. Yet today, those things happened!

I had touched two people’s lives in a way that I had never anticipated and that all I did was talk to them. It makes me even more convinced that I’m here for a reason.

I’m so thankful that I didn’t talk myself out of going to CAPS today. Things could’ve turned out so differently. Instead, I was able to reinforce some positivity in not only others but also myself!


2 thoughts on “How My Life’s Purpose Was Reinforced

  1. You have a rare gift for bringing people together. There’s not many people like you and don’t forget your worth! I’m so glad all those events with random meetings ended up happening and being so positive!

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    1. Awww…. You’re so sweet! Thank you. It’s so easy for forget that. And so it was nice to have all these seemingly random moments to remind me that I do have something to contribute to the world, even if it is just the people around me.


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