Tying Geeky Things Into Difficult Concepts

My psychologist told me once, “Remember the scene in ‘Empire’ when Luke went to Dagobah? He went in the cave and found that it was his face under Vader’s helmet”, I knew what he was talking about because I had seen ‘Empire Strikes Back’ but what he said next never really sunk in until now that I’m seeing it again. He continued, “We don’t want to accept that we have a dark side but we all do. I’m not saying we should go to the dark side, but rather we need to acknowledge that we have it. Acknowledging your feelings is the first step in self empathy…”

Wow. Profound. I guess it was a good thing I decided to watch it again with Hubster. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have realized that.

I’ve never been a Star Wars fan as I was more of a Stargate SG1 and Star Trek fan. I think by the time I had seen Star Wars, it was already too cheesy for me and let’s not even talk about the prequels, shall we? Hubster likes Star Wars because it came at a time when he was still a child when he saw it.

I had initially scoffed at the movies and thought that they were super lame. But out of love for him, I gave it a chance years ago. I didn’t care for it.

Tonight, I decided to give it another chance, in lieu of the fact that The Force Awakens comes out pretty soon and it’s a JJ Abram’s movie. I figured, “Heck, if JJ can make me a Star Trek fan, maybe he’ll make me a Star Wars fan…”. Also, I can’t be a bona fide geek/nerd until I embrace the biggest fandom in nerd history, right?

Anyway, I’m glad I did give at least Empire Strikes Back another chance because had I not, what S told me would still just be another geeky anecdote we both shared and wouldn’t have much of an impact. He did tell me back then that he doesn’t like to make movie references – I think because he feels like it trivializes his point – but he had made an exception for me because he thought that I might get it better. It was a good thing he did make that exception because movies and geeky things make more of an impact on me than anything else. Had he just used any other analogy, I might not even have remembered him saying this. Now, every time I see Empire, I will remember his sage words!


2 thoughts on “Tying Geeky Things Into Difficult Concepts

    1. I think he was afraid that it would trivialize it. Then he kind gestured about me – the way, Hiccup’s Dad (Stoik) did to him when he referred to him – I kinda took it to mean, “Yeah but since you’re a geek… You might get this better than normal explanations…”. LOL! He’s a huge nerd himself though – I mean, he recognized my SG chevron and Firefly’s Blue Sun’s logo… Plus making a reference to Dagobah – I don’t know why he’s so hesitant to refer to movies in that case… But I agree with you – movies make profound points a lot of the times. You just gotta pay attention past the razzle dazzle of the action and effects.

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