Persuasion Speech on Suicide Prevention

So my next (and final!) speech will be a persuasion speech to call people to action. And surprise surprise, the topic will be on suicide prevention.

I initially wanted to talk about the stigma of mental health and to call people to action in the end to help fight the stigma on campus but my instructor felt that the topic was way too broad and asked me instead to consider the topic of suicide.

So here I am, trying to figure out a way to fit all the information I need in a 7 minute speech and to spur people to action at the end. How can I write this speech in a way that’s impactful? In the same way that I had impacted people when I had presented my Impact Speech on how depression affects me.

I’m trying to figure out how to neatly present it in the Munroe’s Motivated Sequence where you present problems with evidence to show that such problems exist then you present the solutions in lieu of that before asking for people to act. At the moment, it seems like a jumble of tons of information and I hope that I can get this all figured out in time to practice it.

I want this speech to be the best one I will ever present. I want this speech to rival that of a TED Talk speech. With so many wants and desires, I’m heaping pressure on myself. I know that ultimately, if I am passionate about the topic, my speech will turn out fine.

It’s getting to the point of that realization that is where I need to be.


Oh on a different note, therapy went okay today. We talked about the positive things that have happened to me last week and so it didn’t feel as impactful a session as the usual ones are. It’s strange how when we talk about positive things that it seems like we’re wasting precious therapy time…

We did talk about some communication issues I’ve been having with Hubster – the fact is, we both have challenges when it comes to understanding each other especially since his logical and perfectly laid out Asperger brain cannot comprehend my incredibly messy, disjointed and impulsive ADHD brain.

I guess it’s not a bad thing to have somewhat of a restful session because I feel like lately our sessions have just been so intense that it’s hard for me to continue the rest of my week when I step out of S’ office. It’s also been so intense that a less intense session like today’s leaves me feeling a little empty and wanting.

I’ll be really busy just working after Thanksgiving though so I think my week might just turn out fine since I’d probably be too busy to mull, think and ruminate on things…


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