Rebranding Shame

This is an inspiring TED Talk. It talks about how preconceptions and labels affect us – this is from the context of those who are affected by mental illnesses.

Labels on those with mental illnesses create stigma which could lead to people not wanting to find help because when someone feels judged, why would they reach out, right?

At the same time, labels can also be useful and helpful – though we do need to be careful about how we use those labels.

I think I’m now much more comfortable with my label as a “depressed, anxious, ADHD sufferer” than I was when I initially was diagnosed. Like Adi Jaffe, I have become public about my labels and have taken responsibility of those labels so that I can use them to better myself. It’s definitely a journey and a process but I’m coming to terms with who I am – flaws and all – and I want to see the more positive sides of my mental illnesses than just the negatives.

I hope that some day I can be as inspiring as these TED Talks speakers and share my story in such a way that I can not only inspire others to share their stories but also help them overcome their own roadblocks, perceived/self stigma and better themselves! Hey, I can dream, right?


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