7 Cups

So I’ve been pretty down the whole day today – I think it’s probably because of the stress of finals. I have 3 art pieces due on Monday and I work doubles for the next two days and a lunch shift on Sunday. That means that I will have little to no time to finish the art projects.

I think I allowed myself to be overwhelmed by the negativity and ended up being quite depressed the whole day. I tried to question myself why I’m feeling so sad but found no answer.

I tried self-affirming and couldn’t get anything positive from it – in fact, I started feeling angry as I told myself affirming things. Not quite sure why…

Then I tried clicking on to the “7 Cups” website. I’ve heard of this site before in the past but never really looked around.

A couple of questions popped up and after I answered them, a “Growth Path” appeared for me that took me through 10 steps of growth filled with mindfulness activities and guided meditation.

I am actually feeling a little better than I did before I started the exercises. So thanks to that, I wanted to post this site on my blog for anyone who might either need such activities to help them through the rest of the day or for anyone who might just need someone to talk to. It’s free and very user friendly.

Here’s the link: 7 Cups

I hope it’s helpful for you as it was for me.


2 thoughts on “7 Cups

    1. Yes, it’s quite useful! And thanks. I was working on my art projects today which involved me using the X-acto knives and in my stressed out state, it was very tempting to have such a sharp knife on me. I had repeatedly put the blade on my skin but didn’t cut. I knew if I didn’t do something else that I probably would’ve cut again… So I’m glad there are sites like 7 Cups that could help! I highly recommend it!

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