Give Reboots A Chance

So I hear that many people hate JJ Abrams for his reboots. For example, people hated the Star Trek reboots. People hate JJ Abrams a lot – that’s why he doesn’t get on social media, poor guy…

I think we all need to have a healthy appreciation of the old materials but at the same time, embrace the new and allow source materials to evolve and grow. Otherwise, all we end up with is stagnation. What’s good about that?

With movies like Star Trek and Star Wars, it’s easy to hang on to nostalgia and want to keep things the way it is forever but reboots are good for the fandoms. Reboots are good because it generates new interests and it allows for creativity to blossom. Without it, we will keep rewatching the same thing over and over. Who wants that?

If Marvel hadn’t done what they did with the MCU – a ballsy move to say the least – we wouldn’t have awesome things like The Avengers or Captain America or any of that. You know what we’d have? Remember Fantastic Four? Yeah, the one with Jessica Alba… Remember how awful superhero movies were before Marvel decided to do something as crazy as the MCU? Without such a change, we wouldn’t get cool new movies.

If Nolan hadn’t done what he did with the Dark Knight trilogy, guess what? We’d still be na-na-na-na-ing or watch Batman movies where Batman had nipple suits.

Also, I’m a huge Stargate fan – anyone who has ever known me knows that. I used to be one of those fans who clung on to ONLY SG1 while disregarding Atlantis and SGU. I didn’t want Jack to become General. I didn’t want Dr Fraiser to die. I didn’t want SG1 to become a different team. I didn’t want all those things because I didn’t want my memories of Stargate to change – if I had it my way, Stargate would have become a stagnant fandom.

Without new materials added to it like Atlantis and SGU, Stargate would’ve been boring because there’s only so much you can do with the same people and same characters for 10 years. So continuing on that vein, I’m glad they changed things around. I’m glad that they decided that having SGU become a completely different thing was a good idea because after I gave it the proper change that I should’ve, it turned out to be quite an insightful addition to the franchise.

All I’m saying is, give the reboots a chance. You’re entitled to feel mad or disappointed because your sense of nostalgia had been ruined and you’re entitled to think negatively about new movies. But maybe, if you gave it a chance and allowed yourself to enjoy the reboots for what they are (new takes on old materials), then maybe you would be able to enjoy these movies the way I have been able to. *shrugs* Just my opinion on the matter.

So, thank you JJ Abrams, for having the guts to respect the source materials but also change it and evolve Star Wars. Had you not done that, I would still scoff at this franchise and think that Star Wars fans are nuts. Now I get to be one of them.

Oh, also, if I hadn’t given things a chance, I would still hate Firefly – now I love that show!


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