Medication Experimentation


So I’m back on the medication experiment wagon again. Dr W, my psychiatrist, has decided that I should try a non-stimulant because of how predisposed I am to anxiety attacks.

She gave me a trial pack of Strattera and told me to take it per the instructions. I am to take one a day at the same time until I reach the target dose.

It’s a little unnerving to know that the target dose of Strattera is 80mg when I only take 20mg of Ritalin…. I dunno. The fact that it’s four times more makes me feel nervous about taking Strattera, even if it’s a non-stimulant.

We’ll see how things go. It’s supposed to take up to 6 weeks for it to be effective. Since it’s a non-stimulant, one of the side effects of it is drowsiness though. I hope I didn’t make the wrong choice of starting it on a day I have to work a double shift….

Anyone else have experience with Strattera?


7 thoughts on “Medication Experimentation

      1. Adderall and yes/no. One can cause me great physiological harm, but I was absolutely the best in my school and job. Strattera is more tired and unsure if it’s really working but I’m very pleasant to family and more cognizant of their needs. I have a sister that switched to and she absolutely is annoyed with how tired she’s become.

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      2. Ahhhh I see… Thanks for the input. I’ve heard there people tell me the same thing now… I have a feeling I might not stick with it either.


      3. Is it because Strattera is just not as effective? I hate how all of them give me dry mouth though. That’s one major side effect I can’t deal with.


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