Overwhelmed by the New Semester

My new Spring 2016 semester starts in about 10 hours and I’m feeling really overwhelmed. I know I’m working myself into an anxious frenzy for no reason since this is only the first week but still…

If only anxiety has an ‘off’ button, I’d gladly hit it.

My calendar is full of class hours, my restaurant job, my second job at the Math Assistance Center (yay! I got hired for this semester as Front Desk Receptionist before I hopefully get promoted to Tutor next semester), my responsibility as Vice President for the club I helped found (the Association For Non-Traditional Students – ANTS), and my responsibility as a Peer-Educator-in-Training.

I think I’ve heaped on a little too many things on my plate this semester and though I know that I won’t grow without challenging myself, at the same time, I’m wondering if it’s too much.

I also have an online class this semester (History of Interiors and Furniture) and I’ve spent the last hour looking through course materials and starting discussions on furniture and stuff. I realize that part of my anxiety also comes from having an online class. I don’t like online classes because my ADHD simply doesn’t allow me to be able to pay enough attention on educational materials while I’m online.

I know at this point, I’m just freaking out for no reason. It’s nearly 12.30am and I probably should just head to bed because no amount of worrying over my semester will change the fact that I have all these responsibilities. I know the sensible thing is to take one thing at a time and as they come.


That said, I’m going to finish this post, log off and go to bed and hopefully be ready for my first day back in school tomorrow. I’ll be starting off my day at my job as a Front Desk Receptionist at the Math Assistance Center and take the rest of the day as it comes. Fingers crossed that I don’t get a panic attack.

Wish me luck everyone!


2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed by the New Semester

  1. Do you meditate? I’m not very good at it (distractable) but I can manage short meditations, and they can help me ground myself and counter my anxiety. I don’t know if that would help you as you start up with all your new challenges… Anyway, good luck and take care of yourself!

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    1. I don’t. I’ve tried before and like you, I’m pretty distracted. Haha… But I think I need to figure something out quick because not only do I have these new challenges but my therapist will also be away for two weeks starting from next Monday so I’m freaking out over that too. In any case, I need to find something that helps and works. Thank you though. It’s always a comfort when I see comments from you!

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