Never Too Late

I’ve been seeing this link float around for a while now but never wanted to click the link because I was afraid of what I would see. (That was why I used to avoid TED talk videos like the plague as well).

I know it’s something that maybe no one can understand or get but my depression makes me afraid of change; it makes me afraid of recovery and it forces me to always want to be depressed. I know it sounds crazy and counter productive. It was a hard truth for me to admit. That’s why I avoid watching motivational videos. I’m afraid that they’ll motivate me to change and I’ll want to.

I’ve been having a hard time and I go back and forth between negativity and positivity as the part of me who wants to be better fights the part of me who doesn’t. El who gets my texts and messages every day can attest to that intense mood swing from good to bad.

This morning, the part of me who wants to be better won and I watched this video. It may not be a huge deal for most people, but this was a small victory this morning and it was a victory I needed because I’ve been so down lately. Watching this video made me cry and like the people in this video, I hope to not have to write down my biggest regrets. I hope that I will remember to wipe the slate clean every day and start over.

Maybe this is something that you need to watch too. I’m glad that I did.

Never Late

Here’s the video if you don’t want to go to the website:


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