Anger Management Ideas?

While discussing my rage and anger (which leads to vicious self-blame and self-critical scolding), S suggested a few things for me to do to channel my anger.

“Playing a violent video game… Going to a batting cage… Screaming at someone… Crumpling a bunch of bubble wrap… Getting a punching bag…”

His suggestion to scream at someone made me laugh. I could never do that – not even when the anger is deserved. I could never hurt someone else – especially not someone I know. So that’s out.

I’ve always wanted to get a punching bag because every time my anger is triggered, the first thought that crosses my mind is to punch something. As a teen, I used to hurt my knuckles by punching walls all the time. I don’t know why this is always my go-to reaction but it is. However, that said, I can’t get a punching bag because I wouldn’t know where I could set it up at – the apartment we moved in to is pretty tight…

I’d love to go to a batting cage but I don’t know if there’s even one for use by the public here in my area. I do have the bow that I got for Christmas that I’ve yet to use because it’s been too cold to be out target practicing.

I’ve sold all my game systems and games – we don’t even have a TV anymore… So video gaming is out as well.

Lately, I’ve taken to just punching my thighs when I’m angry. Not the best thing I could do, sure, but at least I’m not breaking my knuckles against the wall…

Anyway, does anyone else have suggestions on how to properly channel anger out of the self? Perhaps I need to look up anger management techniques.


7 thoughts on “Anger Management Ideas?

  1. Just for general, unimportant factoids, I tried the “play a violent video game” thing. I almost passed out from how angry I got. I think a better option would be “play an EASY violent video game” lmao. Because I’m pretty sure I almost died. I was shaking and my vision was blurred I was getting so pissed off 😀

    Hmmmm I have anger issues as well, it usually results in a hole in my door or something being broken. One good way is, if you have an open area outside somewhere, is to put glass bottles in a couple plastic bags and smash it with a hammer. Or honestly, just going somewhere and throwing rocks, like the beach or a pond or somewhere that wouldn’t mind rocks being thrown at it/ in it. Or just breaking things that can be broken, like a bunch of cardboard boxes. Destructive behavior works really well, as long as that destructiveness is constructive in some manner 😀 Some people say breathing helps, or listening to soothing music but honestly none of the calming techniques work for me. I have to smash things.

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    1. I think playing violent video games (coughCODcough) usually makes me even angrier. LOL! Like you, I find the whole breathing, counting to 10 thing to be completely useless… I always feel really antsy and destructive. I wonder why… Thanks for the suggestions! I think the carboard box idea might be the most feasible seeing as how I live in an apartment now.

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  2. I wanted a punching bag so bad but eventually had to accept that it just wasn’t going to fit in my tiny studio apartment! As a substitute for self harm I’ve recently started using damnit dolls instead – basically you hold them by the legs and smash them against anything solid. It’s actually fairly physical and it can be helpful.

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