A Stranger’s Hug

Inkbox Tattoo

So I just got a new inbox tattoo (Inkbox Tattoo) after not having one for many months and this time, it was a reward for backing Inkbox’s Kickstarter campaign to produce their second formula. The second formula turned out to be much easier to apply and the tattoo turned out much darker than the other ones I’ve done before using the first formula.

Anyway, at the time of backing their campaign, I had chosen the semi colon design as my reward and so, I’ll be having a semicolon on my arm for the next 2 weeks.

Tonight, a lady at one of the tables I was serving saw the tattoo and said, “I really like your semicolon!” I smiled because I liked the tattoo as well. Then she said, “I know what it means. Come here! I want to give you a hug!”

I was surprised by that. I don’t mind hugs so I went over and hugged her. It turned out to be one of the best hugs I’ve ever had because it was not a half-assed hug. It was a full hug and I could feel the warmth of her kindness spread into my being. It felt good.

“I know what the semicolon represents and I’m glad that you’re here,” she said as we hugged.

“You give good hugs!” I said to her when the hug ended. I wish I had thought of thanking her properly because I was so flustered that I had forgotten my manners. I wish I could’ve said to her that I was very thankful that she had hugged me and how much it meant to me that she understood what the semicolon was for as well as not talk about it in front of her 7 other friends. I don’t mind talking about my story and why the semicolon but I usually prefer not to do so while at work. It just makes things awkward because I’ve learned that not many people want to talk about mental health issues over dinner.

Anyway, I truly appreciated the hug. It was timely since I was still trying to recover from this morning’s session with S. It had been painful and difficult as I’ve mentioned in my previous post so getting that hug was very helpful. I just regret not letting the lady know how much she had done for me just by her words and her hug.


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