S Is Back!

I am so giddy with excitement that S is back!!

I see him in about an hour and 40 minutes and I was so excited that I could barely sleep all night.

I don’t remember feeling so excited the last time he went for vacation though. It’s kinda strange… Although now I can identify that it’s the child that’s so excited.

When I was a child, I used to never be able to sleep before an exciting event, a trip, or some kind of appointment. My anxiety kept me up. And nowadays, I’m better about it because the adult is more assured. However, from time to time, the child does come back out which results in my inability to rest.

The child said to the adult today, “Are we seeing S today?”

And the adult said, “Yes, he’s back from vacation”

“So he’ll be there to listen?”

“Yes,” The adult said assuringly.

“Will he let me talk about whatever I want?”

“Yes, he will. You can talk about whatever you want,” The adult said.

“Will you?” The child asked, a brief look of irritation on her face.

“Yes, child. I will”

“And you won’t interrupt with your analytical responses the way you’ve been talking to J (the substitute psychologist that S had assigned me to)?” She asked again.

“I won’t…”

The child looked at the adult suspiciously.

“I’ll try not to,” The adult said, correcting herself.

“Okay…” The child said, accepting that perhaps the adult might interject from time to time but for the most part, the little one will have the floor.

Anyway, I’m sure S and I will have more than a lot to talk about today. I wonder what we will cover today for just 50 measly minutes.


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