Words of Affirmation 

There was an event at the Multicultural Center today. As I stood at a booth and listened to the person elaborating on their organization, someone at the LGBTQ booth stopped me and said in an excited voice, “Oh! You don’t know me, but I know you!” 

I was surprised. 

They continued, “Yeah! You write a blog right?”, to which I replied, “Yes. I do. Are you talking about my blog about mental health?” and they said it was, referring to my blog – this blog!

She then said, “You’re amazing! I heard you speak once and you were so inspiring!!”



It was definitely an ego boost and also tells me that people are reading and finding my blog. It makes me very excited to know that despite the pain and suffering, that there is someone out there that can relate as well as benefit. 

I definitely didn’t expect this boost in my day! 


13 thoughts on “Words of Affirmation 

    1. Thank you Paper Doll!! I’m so so so glad to hear from you and so glad that I’m helping you and that what I write has reached you. I find that feeling connections and being able to relate to people as being one of the most rewarding things I can ever experience so I’m very grateful to hear that I was able to do that!!

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