Progress on Self-Affirmation

So almost a month ago, I had posted about someone that I had been chatting with – someone that I had met over a dating site in this post (Love Bug). I was supposed to meet them last weekend for the first time and they had reservations about our date. They cancelled, and told me that they felt stressed out with the pressures of school, with how their relative is sick, and how it’s so much pressure to meet me for the first time.

I felt like I had been too pushy and too insistent for us to meet. At that point, I was very burnt out with life itself and felt that if I gave myself a reason to leave the city I live in right now, that I might feel better. That if I could meet this person, I could feel better.

It was hard not to feel disappointed when we didn’t meet. It’s not that easy to admit that either. Somehow, it feels embarrassing.

Every time I think of this person, and how they haven’t messaged me in about 8 days now, I feel like somehow I did something wrong. Maybe I pushed too hard? Maybe I said something that they took offense to? Maybe I am texting too much? Maybe I’m too desperate and it comes across as needy? Maybe it’s just me… Everything’s my fault, right?

My anxiety started to convince me that it’s something that I did or didn’t do.

Then tonight, something else happened. The anxiety came back because I had contact the person again through the dating site. I had seen that they were online so I decided to send them a “Hi, hope you’re doing well” kind of message. They didn’t respond and shortly after I sent the message, they went offline. I had a feeling that they didn’t want to talk to me.

I started to beat myself up again. Thinking that it’s probably something I did – that I should’ve waited a little while longer before talking to them again but now I’ve blown it because I couldn’t wait a few more days.

As I showered, my thoughts went back to what I could’ve done differently.

Then I said to myself, for the first time ever, “No. You did everything right. You did everything you knew to do and you didn’t text them every day. You texted them once every few days. You’ve done everything you could. Now it’s me for them to reciprocate”

“What if they don’t?” The inner me asked.

“Well, if they don’t respond back, too bad for them… It’sĀ their loss really. You’re intelligent, you’re attractive, you’re pretty awesome, and interesting. For them to let you go is a huge mistake. And it’s fine because someone will recognize your talents and appreciate you for your qualities. They’re making a poor choice if they choose to leave you”

A few moments after I finished that conversation, it hit me that I had just self-affirmed in one of the most positive manners I’ve ever felt. I was compassionate and understanding of myself. I recognized some of my good qualities and was not afraid to tell myself that I did indeed have those traits.

I felt thrilled that this had happened. I felt thrilled because this is an amazing step that I’ve taken. It wasn’t easy to get to this point but now I’m starting to be more and more aware of my action and words! Wow! What progress!


6 thoughts on “Progress on Self-Affirmation

      1. Me too – you deserve that positive talk! And with regards to this other person remember that how they choose to act is their choice and not a reflection on you.

        Learning that my reactions and emotions are within my control and not caused by someone else is the hardest thing I’m learning, but I can see it in this situation… this other individual is in control of how they choose to respond to you – and it’s not on you, what they do.

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      2. You’re right, PD. And like me, you deserve the love too! I’m so happy for you on your wedding. I hope things go without a hitch!

        Yeah, it’s so hard to be okay with letting the ball be in their court right now. I feel so anguished by it, especially because it reminds me of my divorce (still trying to really allow myself to move on) and how I feel so helpless about the situation. At the same time though, that part of me that told me that it’s their loss if they don’t contact me is feeling stronger than the anguished part at the moment so I’m still feeling pretty okay today.

        What I want though ideally is for this person to either tell me straight up that they’re not interested so I can stop thinking of them and feeling for them, or that they’re interested but just so overwhelmed (I also have a suspicion that they suffer from anxiety) that they need time to sort themselves out. This’ll give me a clear cut decision I could make to either wait or to move on, you know?

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      3. Yea for sure. And I don’t know if you have tried but maybe articulating that to them at some point is the best option. Although it’s scary we (in the general sense) often don’t say what we mean or need or want because we are afraid of the answer being one we don’t like.

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      4. That’s a good point. I’m going to wait maybe another week. Give them some space. And then ask them to be up front with me on that… In the meantime, I’m going to hope that these other people that I’ve been messaging on the dating site will respond! šŸ˜Š

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