Another Update

I know some of you have been worried about me because I haven’t been active on WordPress or written in my blog.

Things have been a whirlwind of intense emotions. I’m sometimes very distressed and depressed, and then other times feeling okay, feeling “fine”.

The only good news I have for myself right now is that things are well in my personal life – with Chérie, things have progressed smoothly with us since the last update. I had gotten a chance to meet her for the first time and we behaved as though we’d known each other our whole lives. She makes me feel so appreciated, so loved, and so encouraged. It’s a foreign feeling (being happy) that I’m trying to cope with and accept.

School has been my main source of stress and a huge downer. I’m failing.

I didn’t realize how badly I had needed a semester off until now that I’m about a month away from the end of school. Finals are creeping up and I don’t know if I can pass all my classes. I’m not utilizing my time very well either because despite my anxiety over my grades, I really don’t want to do anything. It’s almost like I can’t do anything.

S and I have been talking about my relationship these past few weeks (which is why I haven’t written any Thoughts From Therapy posts – I figured, who really wants to hear about all that, right?). This week though, I’m going to have to steer us back to my school struggles. I’m really experiencing intense depression – the kind where you don’t want to get out of bed, and you don’t have energy for anything, and food doesn’t taste good, and sleep is restless – all because of school.

I’ll write again sometime – for now, thank you for all those who have been asking how I’ve been. You guys help keep me going because I realize that there are people out there who care about me.



4 thoughts on “Another Update

  1. Very very glad to hear from you, Jules! And Yeah! about Cherie … and so sorry about school and the depression. It sounds to me as if your “Work! Work! Work!” balloon is deflating a bit because of too much pressure for too long. Could S help you with that?? And you know that you don’t have to write for your Bloggy Friends, right? We will still be watching out for you, no matter what! Bon Chance! TS

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    1. TS, thank you! And I’m glad that you’re glad to hear from me as well. Well, I know I don’t *have* to write for the Blog Peeps but rather, I *want* to. You guys have been an amazing support system and I’d be an idiot to not keep in touch! 😉

      Yeah, I’m definitely burnt out! I need to talk to S more about it. I started to talk about school a bit more last week so hopefully he’ll be able to help me more. Thanks for stopping by TS! 😀

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