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Note: This post has been updated due to recent life changes.

Briefly (or as briefly as I could considering how long-winded I am!)

So either you’ve stumbled on this site accidentally, clicked on a link that brought you here, found my The Mighty articles on their site, followed the recommendation of other bloggers, or just came here because you know me personally, I’d like to extend a warm welcome.

This blog, Hitting Reset, began in January 2015 as an exercise in writing for me. I had years prior kept a separate blog almost religiously. I had that blog for 7 years before I got tired of updating. In January 2015, I decided to reset everything and start over. So here we are.

The reason the blog is called Hitting Reset is because this blog symbolizes many new things for me. First, I am going back to college for the second time in my life. My first degree was a Bachelor’s of Languages and Linguistics that I had graduated with Honors with. Second, I was diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety Disorder and Moderate Depression in April 2015 and this blog is a means for me to express my journey through therapy as well as my daily struggles as a member of a stigmatized group of people in society. It is also a place for me to practice being a mental health advocate. Third, this is also a year of new beginnings for me and what better way to chronicle that then through a blog that talks about all the things that I’m experiencing. So in all that, I am essentially hitting the reset button and starting over.

My name is Jules and I originally hailed from Malaysia (yes, the Malaysia that had lost two commercial airplanes. Quite unfortunate). I am Chinese ethnically. I now live in Indiana and have been since December 2011. I now call this Midwestern state home – initially I came to this country because my ex-husband lives here, but now I call it home because I feel like I’m now a part of this state. Indiana, despite being a flatland, is not too bad. I quite like it here – I like it better here than Malaysia, that’s for sure. I speak several languages fluently: Malay, English, Hokkien (a dialect of Chinese) and a few more not so fluently: Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Anyway, like I had mentioned, this is my second round of college in a new field. I was initially back in college to study Interior Design Technology but since Spring 2016, I had switched my major to Computer Science. I discovered that I am proficient at Math and so had wanted a degree that would best utilize my newfound skills. I used to teach English as a Second Language at Taylor’s College in Malaysia. This was where I accidentally discovered my love and passion for teaching. I left all that behind to move to the States to be with my ex-husband back in 2011 and though I never regret migrating, I do miss my Lecturer job from time to time.

This blog is informed by these past experiences as well as my current ones.

At the time of this update (08/24/16), I am recently divorced. It had been an issue that I had been hinting about in all of my posts since late April when my ex-husband and I decided on our separation, and has been an issue that still brings me much grief and pain to process. I read that there are several stages of grief one has to endure before finally reaching the final stage of acceptance. I am going through the various stages and though I’ve been pushed to the precipice of the abyss that threatens to consume me daily, I am also going to say that I’m still here. I’m still fighting. I still hurt but I’m also seeing changes in my life – changes for the better. I believe that I’ll be able to get through this, and if I don’t, I’ll die trying.

One more thing… I am a huge nerd/geek. My area of geekery (and “fandoms”) encompasses the Stargate franchise which includes SG1, Atlantis and Universe; Marvel – thought I love some of the comic books, I am more specifically in love with the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Firefly, Lost, Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, anime, calligraphy, inking comic books, board games and comic books. More recently, I’m also very interested in Mathematics (specifically Trigonometry). I might have forgotten some of my fandoms but the ones listed here are the most influential in my life with Stargate SG1 being the TV show that accelerated my English language learning by leaps and bounds and had taught me valuable lessons.

So that’s a little about myself. Below I’ll list a few posts that I have written which I think are must-reads if you are to stick around.

Where To Start?

First post ever: Here I Am

Aiming High– in which I talk about my struggles with Math prior to college.

A Tale of Two A’s – in which I chronicle my first A in American college!

Gossip Girls – Regarding peer bullying and gossiping.

What It’s Like To Be A Freshman At 29 – in which I wrote about my first semester in college as a non-traditional student.

Mental Health Related Posts:

I Have ADHD – in which I talk about mental health for the first time.

Psychotherapy Helps – my first ever post about therapy.

Suicide Awareness Month – in which I wrote about suicide for the first time in my life – after struggling with it for years.

The Impact Speech that Impacted Others – in which I first realized just how much sharing my story with others was helping others cope with their own experiences.

Medicated and Mighty – in which I speak about psychiatric drugs to break the stigma about medication.

Sharing My Story So That Others Can Share Theirs– in which I wrote about my first time speaking to a bunch of strangers about my mental illnesses.

A Realization of My Broken Self– in which someone thought it was so helpful that I posted this that he published it on The Good Men Project.

The Night I Realized Who My Pit Guy Was– on revenge and finding out who my “pit guy” really is. This was quite an epiphany and a turning point for me in regards to how I thought of my ex teacher.

OK. Those should be enough to get you started. If you’re not interested in reading any more beyond that, those posts should be enough to give you an idea of what I struggle with and who I am.

Again, thank you so much for visiting! You don’t know just how much this means to me!

If you need to contact me, do email me at: jlel_scarab@yahoo.com or hit me up on Twitter: @jupiterst0rm


7 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Ooh cool! Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to write me. I’m always up for making new friends, especially ones who have similar experiences! I’ll follow your blog. I’m also always looking for new material to read.

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    1. Oh no!!! I’m so sorry to hear that. I found it through a link from WordPress’ related posts ad. I love the explanation you wrote and would love to be able to put it on my own blog. However, if there is a fear that the abuser can find you again, I will definitely remove it.


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