Reflections From Today

So I saw Dr W today, my psychiatrist. I told her how I don’t like being on Strattera and how tired it makes me feel. I also told her that it’s not working all that well anymore because I haven’t been able to focus or concentrate on anything lately. She asked me about my stressors […]

Of Sex, HIV, and STIs

So I performed my first duty today as a Health and Wellness Peer Educator. I was very excited and happy to be at the atrium of my college’s student campus center to promote sexual health by manning a booth for free HIV/STI testing. I told students about the Office that I represent as well as […]

Renewed Passion

After the amazing experience I had at the Office of Health and Wellness Peer Educators’ Retreat, I’ve added one more thing that I could potentially do as a future career. I’m looking at different ways I can combine Computer Science with my other passions and I think I’ve got some ideas what I want to […]

A Comparison of Past and Present

This was me, a year ago. I had long hair and a different mental state. I was often a little less aware of myself, a lot less mindful and I struggle with many things. I struggled with depression, anxiety disorder, and ADHD. This is me today. I haveĀ  a bald fade on my sides and […]

One Year of Psychotherapy

So today marks one year of therapy. It’s been a long and arduous journey – through it all, S had been there to support me unconditionally. He was there to push me when I slacked, to call me out when I deserved to be called out, to encourage me when I was discouraged, to assure […]

Happy Rounded Pi Day (AKA My Stable Day)

Happy Rounded Pi Day! Today’s date is 3/14/16 (for those who live in the US) which makes it 3.1416 which is the rounded number of Pi. So I meant to post this sooner (on the actual Pi Day itself), but I had forgotten my blog password on my laptop and I was out for most […]