Another Update

I know some of you have been worried about me because I haven’t been active on WordPress or written in my blog. Things have been a whirlwind of intense emotions. I’m sometimes very distressed and depressed, and then other times feeling okay, feeling “fine”. The only good news I have for myself right now is […]

Crawling Out of The Rut

It’s been quite a while since I’d written and I do apologize but life has been a roller coaster lately. Since I started crawling out of my post-divorce rut, I had taken a misstep and had fallen back into another rut – the school/academic rut. As I am slowly recovering from the post-divorce rut, I […]

A Most Intense Group Session

Wow… I just walked out of the most intense group therapy session ever. I’ve got stress muscle soreness all over my shoulders and neck – the trademark physical sensation I feel when I’m extremely stressed and anxious. What caused this? – you might be curious to know. It started out innocuously enough. (Since I’ve been […]

Good Group Session

It just occured to me that I’ve been in my depressive episode for 6 months now. This is definitely the longest I’ve been depressed since the last depressive episode only lasted about 3 months. Wow. No wonder I’m constantly tired. On a better note, today’s group session went really well. We talked about conflict and […]

Walk-In Therapy Session That Bombed

I’ve had a bad day. Mondays seem to trigger me every single week and down the rabbit hole I fall. As always, when I’m extremely distressed, I head over to CAPS. Maybe I’m being hopeless in my coping skills. Maybe I’m being needy. But every time I fall down the rabbit hole, I force myself […]