Drawing of an Armchair

I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately but work was super hectic last week and blogging was the last thing in my mind. However, this is a new week and though nothing really interesting happened in class yesterday, I did learn some interesting things about people when they argue. I’ll share that observation in a […]

More Still Life and First Interior Drawing

This is my first ever drawing of an interior space for “Drawing for Interior Design”. The homework was to pick a room in the house and draw a one-point perspective drawing to the best of our ability. It must include 3 walls and everything else that can be captured in the room. I can’t believe […]

Still Life

A still life drawing I did, based on the objects on the table. I was at “Drawing for Interior Design” class today and did my second ever piece of still life drawing. I love drawing and being able to go to a class that teaches me to hone my skill is awesome!