Quick Thought From Therapy – Therapy #102

I’m feeling pretty wiped out today because of my monthly blood loss so I’ll just plonk this one here until I have more time to expound on it: Today’s wisdom from the psychologist’s couch is:   I’ve repeated many patterns in my life due to many different reasons – but one of the most notable […]

Self-Blame, Guilt and Blame-Shifting

It was a good thing that I had actually made the decision to go to CAPS on Wednesday. As I suspected, I started having a really bad transition into the weekend (I work Thursdays to Sunday so I often classify Thursday – Sunday as my weekend). If I hadn’t seen the on-call therapist, J, when […]

Thoughts From Therapy – Session #25

“So how are you doing?”, my therapist asked me as I settled in on his couch. A million things ran through my mind although almost all of them were connected. I started with something mundane, about how physically, my body’s been out of whack this week since I’ve been sleeping until noon a lot lately […]