Thoughts from Therapy #86 – Self Punishment

Note: As usual, this is a long one – usually the posts titled “Thoughts From Therapy” are going to be really long doozy posts to read. S’ expression was worry and/or concern almost the whole time through our session today. Hey, I’d be too if I were the psychologist and my client comes in and […]

Change Is Paralyzing

Change is terrifying. I think anyone and everyone can attest to this. No one likes change (not initially anyway) and for someone like me, who has been through a lot of traumatic times in my life, who struggles with separation anxiety disorder and a deep sense of abandonment through various periods of my life, change […]

Fear of the Dark

My friends (who also happen to be my coworkers) invited me out for a night of camping today.  I am glad I came out because I am enjoying myself, not because I like the humidity, the bugs, or the sleeping on the ground, but rather because I got to spend time with people I see […]

Weathering The Storm

I have a post that I wrote last week that hasn’t been published because it’s only halfway done. It’s probably the only hopeful post I have because since then, my life has taken a turn downwards.  At this time, things are looking bleak for me and its hard for me to not wallow in the […]

Thoughts From Therapy – #66 – Childhood Trauma

Since starting Strattera and Zoloft, I haven’t had any anxiety attacks or anything like that in a while now. I mean my mind still goes on overdrive in self-criticism but nothing as bad as it used to be when I was on Ritalin. That said, as I drove to CAPS yesterday, I started experiencing anxiety […]