Still Alive

Anyone who follows my Facebook, my blog, or knows me personally knows that I’ve been through a hellish year with processing the traumas of my life, processing a painful and messy divorce, battling suicidal thoughts and intents, battling self harming tendencies, processing my sexual orientation and what it means to be Christian despite it, dealing […]

Grades and Achievements This Semester

My disappointing grades this semester. Yes, a lot of you are going to look at this and say that I’m crazy for thinking that this is disappointing. Hey, I can’t help how I feel about it. I know I could’ve done better. I know I could’ve gotten a 4.0. Now my Cumulative GPA has dropped […]

Fall 2015 Grades

Not bragging but I received another 4.0 this semester and I’m extremely grateful, especially since as you all know, I’ve been struggling pretty badly emotionally and psychologically this semester. I don’t know why exactly but this semester had been a mostly downhill rollercoaster ride and I had been more depressed than I’ve ever been in […]

The Night I Realized Who My “Pit Guy” Was

How many of you here are fans of How I Met Your Mother? For those of you who are, you might remember an episode in Season 8 – specifically Episode 11 – The Final Page – where Ted Mosby was so worked up over his old architecture professor who had told him that Ted will […]

First Grade of the Semester

I just checked my grades to see if any has been posted and I’m pleased to say that “Drawing for Interior Design” has been posted and I received an A+!!! Fingers crossed that more A’s are to come! WHEE!!!!

A Tale of Two A’s

I can’t believe it…. I actually got an A for my first Algebra test. An A… I couldn’t quit smiling after I saw it. My very first A!!! For the first time in my life, I got an A for a higher math test! I was very happy and relieved. I don’t know what I […]